Bloody addictive

fabrics 3

Dyeing fabric is an addiction. Painting it is bad enough, but requires more work and drying space and is therefore self-limiting, in some respects. But low-water immersion dyeing? Fast, easy, accomplishes large volumes in a batch and seeing the results is incredibly inspiring.

Two evenings’ work, spread out on the ironing board….

Now to chop it up, pick out the pieces that are specifically for my own work and sell the rest…. (prices are $18 CDN per metre, or $5 per Canadian fat quarter if you’re interested, plus shipping. – Canadian fqs are slightly bigger at approximately 20 x 21 because we sell by the metre which is 39″ instead of 36″).

fabrics 1

Might do some more tonight, probably greens and yellows!


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  1. Katherine says:

    How do I go about purchasing some?
    Thanks Katherine

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