Great personality, but occasionally somewhat “slow”

In between smacking myself on the forehead, I’m finally studying the ever-so easy scripting of css.

Why didn’t I do this two years ago? Why?

I’m blaming pregnancy brain. If it takes four years for the brain to bounce back after chemotherapy, I’m guessing that motherhood is somewhere in the same range. At least, it’s only in the past six months that I feel like my complete mental processes are coming back on-line.

With a little luck I’ll have the new site done and up during Christmas. At that time, I’ll probably move at least my work blog over to the new domain (which will be, btw, but it’s not completely set up yet). The theory is that during the holidays, there will be at least a day or three without any work deadlines. We’ll see how that plays out.


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  1. I figured you’d get around to it eventually. Here I sit, waiting for you to pick my brain.

  2. VickyTH says:

    I’ll get to you eventually. Just now I’m reading, learning and designing what I want it to actually look for and modifying my desires based on what I learn as I read. I did claim my domain name and get webspace, though. Moved the content of the blog over there and will pick away at the rest as time allows.

    Haven’t madea complete switch, though. Not yet.

  3. rexton says:

    I had a look and I like the nice clean look. That quilt as a banner is amazing. How much does it cost you and what to you get for your domain name and the server space you “rent”? Or have you set up your home machine as a server. Did you download WordPress and start running it from the server? I noticed your blog theme is not listed on the online version of WordPress.

    Sorry to be so curious, but I am. 🙂

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