Abandonment and Joy (updated)

I remember Mom playing a recording of Classical Gas when we were kids, probably either the Mason Williams and/or the Mannheim Steamroller versions. We had a lot of Mannheim Steamroller around at one point and I’ve never lost the taste for it (probably explains a few things, eh?). I’ve always loved this song for its pure energy, optimism, joy and intricacy. Watching this fellow play it seems to catch all of those elements exactly! That man loves his guitar!
(Length 4:20)

Tommy Emmanuel – Classical Gas (Live)

Thanks to herhimnbryn for the great memory!

Update: I actually remember now where I first heard Classical Gas – Mason Williams appeared on an episode of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, which I saw as a rerun. Man, that was a great show….


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  1. mary hood says:

    Absolutely loved this Vicky! Thanks.


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