Rather sweet (and uncannily accurate)

Katherine drew a picture today. She crumpled it up inside another piece of paper and brought it to me, telling me that it was a present. I opened it and found this:

John thinks

“This” is a picture of John (the pink blob, with black legs), at work, thinking about home.

The squiggles to the right of John are words he writes at work.

The black-ish blotches to the left are his desk and chair and the red blob on the bottom? Those are the people he meets at court.

The line going up the page and topped by more squiggles as it carries along the top of the page is the way home and the squiggles themselves are John’s thoughts on how to get there/here.

Katherine pointed out quite sincerely that the reason John was smiling is that he’s thinking about home.

I’m a little concerned about the bloodstains on the courtroom floor, myself (grin).


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