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  1. Robert says:

    Not exactly inspired is it?

  2. sarai. says:

    I don’t like the baby blue or the font, which feels out of date, but I am guessing that the colour is a shout-out to the living skies of which Saskatchewan is the land. The exclamation point is presumably an attempt to counteract the common perception that Saskatchewan is boring.

    Still, you know what? Put the sheaf back in. I’m proud of it. Use some kind of symbol that connects or represents Saskatchewanites, somehow. They could use the prairie lily, if they are trying to move away from the agrarian image.

    For a province that is often overlooked, it sure doesn’t seem to be trying very hard to be catchy.

  3. SkylarKD says:

    Sheesh, and I thought “Saskatchewan… naturally!” was bad.

  4. Saskboy says:

    That’s a bad one too SkylarKD, but the ! idea makes more than my eyes roll.

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