The effects of living with children….

It’s Saturday night. We’re on our way out to dinner with friends. I’ve just briefed the two fifteen year-old girls who are babysitting. John sits in the car, snickering.

Me: What’s so funny?

John: Oh, nothing.

Me: No really. What gives?

John: The last thing you said to those poor girls was, and I quote, “The kid movies are over there, by the TV. The adult movies, the adult movies we keep up on this shelf behind the door in my studio there.”

Me: So?

John: Did you see the looks on their faces? Do you realise that there are two teenagers in our house who think you just showed them where the porn is?


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  1. Ellen says:

    LOL Ok,, I was laughing too when I got to the part about the movies.. although I knew what you ment, I could imagine the looks on the girls faces..
    too funny!!

  2. David says:

    You two are having entirely too much fun!

    Hope you had a fun night out.


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