Flippin’ amphibians

I have just frogged* a sock for the third time (Hippy Crunch, by Blue Moon Fibre Arts). I love this pattern, but my brain is obviously not processing in a hippy-like fashion at present.

I am now going to switch patterns so as to thwart the Curse of the Amphibians.

If frogs kissed turn into handsome princes, does frogged wool ultimately become beautiful socks?

* frog, v.i. & t., To tear out stitches, as in knitting or sewing, to detach, to shred, to reluctantly admit and grudgingly correct mistakes in handiwork, to rip-it, rip-it.


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  1. sarai. says:

    I like to respond to such happenings by sending the offending item to the Frog Pond (aka the Time-Out Cupboard) until it croaks. Usually I feel a little better after a beer and…Hey. You could make some Rippy Punch, which probably sounds a bit better than Hippy Crunch right now.

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