Six unfathomable things….

You are all about to enjoy a taste of voyeurism (unless you stop reading now) as I reveal six things about myself that few others know.

You can thank Ryan, at Skullduggery, for this one.

  1. I still buy a new, special pen at the beginning of every semester, even though I haven’t been in university for… oh help. Six years.
  2. My eyes change colour, from blue to green to brown, depending on my mood, the weather and what I’m wearing. This confused the people at motor vehicle registration so much that my eyes are now listed as “bluen” (they changed green to brown to blue and forgot to delete the extra “n”).
  3. I loathe bras (even properly fitted ones) and frequently remove them in the evening when we’re watching tv or reading. I tend to leave them wherever I remove them and often cannot find them later. I can remove a bra without removing my shirt first (even a sports bra); a vestige of time spent in Guides.
  4. I’ve never had a hangover, even though I’ve certainly tried hard enough.
  5. I’m quite flexible – I could touch my hands flat on the floor even when nine months pregnant and can touch my nose with my tongue.
  6. In my falling dreams, I always land safely and continue dreaming. I have no idea what this means…. I also always remember falling dreams, for some reason.

I’m curious about Heather, Sarai, SkyLarkD and Rexton, but I in no way wish to force them to continue the saga. I leave it to their discretion.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I knew some of that. I might get around to posting mine. Like John, the trick is figuring out what’s weird enough to bother writing about. Top six, oh dear.

  2. VickyTH says:

    The additional challenge is finding things that you care to reveal to The Internet. Not everything is for sharing, especially if you don’t write an anonymous blog.

  3. sarai. says:

    “Bluen” is just priceless.

    I am trying to think of 6 things. I have five, and two of them are pretty lame, so we’ll see. It’s fun…

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