From the mouths….

It was snack time yesterday and Katherine was doing one of her favourite tricks of late; the rhyming game. The format is simple. You pick a word and Katherine gives you three or four words that rhyme with it. I’m often surprised at what she comes up with. There are words on the tip of this toddler’s tongue that are unknown to many with high school diplomas. The conversation went rather like this:

Me: Okay…… dog!

Katherine: Dog…. hog, bog, log, frog!

Me: Um…. hair!

Katherine: Chair, stare, wear, there, mare!

Me: Bean!

Katherine Bean… um…. Jean! Seen! Green, mean, lean!

Me: Right!

Katherine: And then there’s silly, hilly and lily. And my, high, lie, die, fly!

Me: Sure! How’s about corn?

Katherine (who by this time is starting to run out of steam for this game and therefore getting silly): Corn… worn, morn, porn.

Sudden silence.

Me (not quite believing what I just heard): Uh…. any other rhymes?

Katherine (verifying that this last was simply stringing sounds together and had no meaning whatsoever in her mind) : Blorn, forn, dorn!

Needless to say, we didn’t get to rock, punt or duck.


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