One ring to rule them all….

Cheerios, I mean.

Katherine will only eat Cheerios (or some O-shaped clone). I’ve tried Rice Crispies, oatmeal (she’ll grudgingly eat it, but not for breakfast), Shreddies, various healthy flakes. No go.

When it comes to her breakfast, my kid is a cereal monogamist.

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  1. laura says:

    Hee! I love the title you gave this post! I haven’t yet been able to work a LOTR reference into my blogging …

    Cheerios are also the breakfast food of choice at my place, though occasionally, waffles make a cut for a few days, or oatmeal. But I’m serving up the O’s for at least five days out of seven …

  2. Ellen says:

    Cherrio’s are my favorite cereal as well.

    at least she is eating something for breakfast, lots of kids won’t eat anything!

    Hope your weekend is going by wonderfully.

  3. Hm. Must stock up for the impending invasion.

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