Small Book Splurge

We don’t usually have much money these days to spend on books (to our great collective chagrin), but very occasionally (usually in the gloom of winter) we treat ourselves. Last night’s trip to Chapters saw John pick up this:

Which he got because he really enjoyed this (a Christmas or birthday present from last year):

I know nothing about either, but I’m sure he’ll write a review. Right dear?

Katherine picked out another Curious George book, A Treasury of Curious George:

to go with her other (previously acquired) Curious George compendia:

I’ve given up worrying or caring about which were written by the original authors and which were created to expand the franchise. She likes them, she reads them and they’re not completely insipid. Besides, John’s the one who reads the bedtimes stories, so I’m spared the endless repetitions.

I grabbed a copy of this book:

Whether I’ll get beyond using a drop spindle is anyone’s guess, but I really enjoy the information about the way in which the wool is worked. Plus there are profiles on all sorts of textile artists and their products. The pictures are great, the diagrams are clear and the instructions and writing are extraordinarily readable. I’ll try to review it once I’ve had a bit more time with it.

It was a pleasant evening, except for the snowstorm in which we had to drive home, but then, we had good books for company once we got there!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mary hood says:

    WHAT books?!?

  2. VickyTH says:

    The ones that are pictured above….. can’t you see them?

  3. sarai. says:

    I would, of course, be most curious to hear your review of Spin to Knit.

  4. mary hood says:

    I can’t see them.

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