Able to leap tall contradictions in a single bound


So it’s supper time.John won’t be home until 8:30pm or thereabouts. I’m in survival mode and am relying on a bath to kill the last hour or so before bedtime. Katherine is sitting at the kitchen table, before a plate of whole wheat spaghetti and Parmesan (her choice supper). Three bites later…..

K: I’m done now. I’m full and not hungry any more.

Me: Oh come now! I made you noodles and cheese, just like you wanted, and you don’t want to eat them?

K: No, I’m not hungry!

Me: Oh. I see. (pause) Well… hmmm…. You see, if you don’t finish your supper, you can’t have a bath.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi….

K: My goodness! Look at this! A whole plate of noodles! I forgot to eat them! I’d better get to it so I can have my bath!

Parenting…. it’s all about marketing. 


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