Puts a chill in the bones

The past few days around here have been cold and foggy with the kind of flesh-penetrating, bone-aching, finger-numbing cold that comes only with living near ocean in late winter. Some warm weather would be really nice, but seems unlikely because of this:

Icy Waves Pack ice

Iced in Icy

Packed in

Yep. Ice. Lots of it. In some ways, I suppose, it just looks like a vast field of snow. In fact, it’s kind of pretty, although hard to photograph well (especially on a grey day in the fog).

When you get up close to it, though, it’s rather intimidating. The sheer power with which the ocean churns the stuff makes you realise that were so unfortunate as to end up in the drink, as cold as you think you are now now, you would be still colder. And dead. Rather thoroughly dead. When you watch the ice for a bit, you can see that it quick literally mixes itself, pulling the top layer down and crushing pieces together. Not only would you be instantly frozen in that water, you’d be crushed to a pulp and pulled under.

So we kept well back, but managed to take a couple of quick videos, for those so fortunate as to be places warmer. Both were taken on Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland. My fingers have not yet regained their full mobility.


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  1. rexton says:

    While you’re looking at this you might want to reflect on all those who’ve gone out on ice that is sometimes as loose and treacherous as this to make enough money to survive another year. You might also want to remember the Newfoundland , the Greenland , the Viking , and the Southern Cross . These videos give a hint of what it is like on the Front during a storm.

    Also, things are getting fairly iffy this year. The heaviest pack in about 15 years is endangering up to 100 ships, according to the CBC today.

    Finally, my dad and his friends used to “copy” across ice like this, as their ancestors did as practice for when they were old enough to venture onto the Front every March.

    Thanks for this, Vicky. It brought back a lot of memories.

    FYI, here is where you can see the ice extent, from the Canadian Ice Service.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

    I’ll just sh*t-up now!


  3. laura says:

    That’s incredible! I can’t believe that’s what Middle Cove Beach looks like now …

  4. Ellen says:

    its beautiful,, yes I realize its not spring like weather but the shear beauty of it is amazing !!

    Thanks for the great video’s 🙂

  5. r.e.wolf says:

    Yep, I won’t complain anymore either. Those made me cold just to watch. (Thank you for these!)

  6. Diane says:

    Wow, the video’s amazing! Had to show my daughter (13) ‘cos were both Farley Mowatt (Boat who wouldn’t Float) fans. The power of that sea and ice though. Incredible.

  7. VickyTH says:

    Thank for the info, Rexton. Those sites look great.
    David – Yeah, that’s a good idea.
    Laura – Believe me, the beach is utterly transformed. It’s usually such a peaceful place, but now it’s downright menacing.
    Ellen – it stops being beautiful after about a week
    Ryan – It’s as cold as it looks
    Diane – It’s even better up close.

    I only wish I’d had the bigger memory card in the camera, as the video quality would have been far superior. Oh well, next time. (Let’s hope there isn’t one.)

  8. Coll says:

    The wonder and power of nature.. beautifully demonstrated.

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