Postal surprise

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I came to have such good friends. That the generosity and kindness of other people in the world should be directed at me in any way is a source of wonder to me.

Natasha (who I keep alternately and confusingly referring to as Natasha and Sarai, her on-line alter ego) sent me a wonderful birthday present.

I’m still smiling because of it.

From Sarai

A gorgeous burgundy Fleece Artist merino sock yarn (it’s slightly variegated – hard to see in this photo), some Bluefaced Leicester rovings to spin and a set of Brittany Birch dpns (which I’ve never tried, but have been wishing I could for some time now).

My fingers started twitching as soon as I opened it! Talk about incentive to finish the current pair of socks! The burgundy is speaking to me of several possible projects, including one out of Nancy Bush’s folk socks (which my in-laws gave me for a birthday seven years ago). I’m also liking Aran Braid Socks (by Kathleen Hubbard), Fern Lace Panel socks (by Dilys Sutherland) and Japanese Feather Socks (by Jaya Srikrishnan).

Of course, I still have to finish the Monkey socks (by Cookie A.) that are on the needles in Fleece Artist merino (colourway: “woodland”). I almost have one done and they go pleasantly quickly. Once the Monkeys are finished, my total for the year thus far will be seven pairs, which is not entirely shabby for someone who knits as slowly as do I.

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  1. sarai. says:

    I am glad to have a friend who gets a box of fluff and purple string and thinks it is awesome. This is what friends do, right? Enjoy stuff together. (I am still enjoying the purple string you sent me once.)

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