It’s still cold, but at least the sun came out!

This weekend promised to be more of the same dull, grey weather we’ve been having so much of lately. Pleasantly, it turned out not to be so.

On Saturday, we meandered our way to Outer Cove Beach and took a few photographs:

Outer Cove Channel


A river flows through it...

It was definitely grey and has been for a week now. Cold, too. The sun broke through later, though, as we wandered through Pouch Cove. The ice out here was slushier than in the Torbay area, but still overwhelming.

Tossed up

Some of the pieces on the rocks are the size of a large SUV, just to give you an idea of scale. There was no way I was going down there, though. The ocean is too mercurial to risk it. A few kids died here some years ago while attempting to “copy” (that’s jump around) on the ice pans.

Pouch Cove
Black Head
Black Head (including Georges Point, Strawberry Point and Shoe Cove Island)

I was at Pouch Cove that I discovered that my spare memory card was missing. No sign of it on the rocks or around the road. Writing it off as gone, we went on home.

A few hours later the phone rang. My card had been picked up in Outer Cove, still in its little plastic case. I had written my name and phone number on it and a woman had picked it up, called me and handed it back. A fine end to a good day.

Sunday was sunny and beautiful and I have no pictures because we were so busy enjoying the warmth. One of the veggie bed is just about ready for snow peas and spinach to be planted. The last of the winter’s compost has been added (in layers) to the bins. The last of the winter dog doo is cleaned. The grass is raked. Katherine and I put up a birdhouse. The studded snow tyres are off the car. The flower beds have had some of the detritus cleared away. The laundry is done. Shortbreads and quiche were made. It was a good weekend.

Later in the week promises more sun and warmth, too, so as Monday’s go, this is a good one.

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