It wouldn’t be April….


On April 24th, Katherine and I saw our first butterfly of the season.

I forgot to blog it, as other things leapt into my path and track-sided me, but I’m writing it now. Coincidentally, we saw our first butterfly last year on April 24th as well; the same sort on the same heather plant. I didn’t get a picture of this years insect, so last year’s will have to do.

Spring she is here!

Flutter by

Vibrant colours of spring
A butterfly dances on spring-blooming heather (erica carnea).

Apparently a Milbert’s Toroiseshell. Thanks to Sarai for identifying it!

a quickr pickr post


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  1. sarai. says:

    Lucky you! I have not seen any butterflies yet this year. Perhaps I ought to spend more time with flowers.

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