Exploits photos, yet again

I’ve been digging through albums to find photos of Exploits from various points in time. A few more evinced themselves the other day. The hardest part has been weeding out the family photos.

Lower Harbour House
A house in Lower Harbour. I don’t know who owns this one.

The foundations of the Methodist Church.

our wharf
Our wharf and boathouse. The other island is across the harbour.

squid cove
Ball Point, with Squid Cove to the right. The wharf belongs to the Cuff Family (our next-door neighbours).

squid cove 2
Taken from the path, looking back towards our house. We’re the light grey one. The white one belongs to the Cuff Family.

ball point
Taken from the front deck of our house, looking out the harbour towards Ball Point. The places that was John Moore’s house (now owned by Holly Rideout, I believe) is the white one on the left.

jane green's house
Jane Green’s house. Still standing and still in use….. as you can see from a picture taken last year:

Lower Harbour houses

tb house
This place hasn’t changed appreciably (same house above and below):

Weathering time

An abandoned shed or house. It’s no longer there and half the aspen grove culled to make room for a cabin.
aspen ruins 3

aspen ruins 2

old schoolhouse
The old schoolhouse, now being made into an artist’s studio. I can’t imagine lugging canvases and supplies up that hill!

Our houses.

disappointed house
The “before” shot of this house, owned by George Collins:


For further contemporary photos of this magical place, I send you to the following:

My photo collection of Exploits (on Flickr)

The photos of my husband, John (on Flickr)

The shots taken by my sister-in-law, Heather (on Flickr)

Heather’s husband, Bob, took some shots as well (on Flickr)

George Collins kindly sent me the link to his photos (on Photobucket)

More as I find them. Enjoy!


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  1. The photos are beautiful – but I bet it’s pretty inhospitable in winter – it reminds me of pictures of the north of Scotland or of the Falkland Islands. A beautiful place to live though

  2. Holly LeDrew says:

    The yellow house next to Jane Green’s belonged to my Grandparents Bramwell and Daisy Jefferies. It is approx 120 years old but was bought by my Grandfather in 1937 for $200.00. He bought it from Cyril Scevious but it was originally owned by Matthew Dalton. When Matthew dies, his wife went to live with Cyril Sceviour. We bought it last year and have done considerable improvements. Don’t have an electronic version of a “before” picture but you have captured the “after”!

    Holly LeDrew & Greg Rideout

  3. Cynhtia Fleet (nee Ball) says:

    Hello to you all in St. John’s.

    For your records you may want to know that Tamar Dart is buried in the United Church Cemetery in Norhern Arm (Botwood). She is buried next to her husband William. Only one headstone remains standing and that is Tamar’s.

    Their son Jesse (Jerry) and his wife Effie (nee Taylor) are buried nearby.

    My father was Reginald Ball, son of Jesse who was a son of William and Tamar.

    Since I have moved back to the island I have met many relatives of the family whom I had never met before. Two nights ago I met Valerie Dart whose great grandfather was Josiah Dart, brother of Tamar.

    Relatives will find me in Gander or at my place near the water in Bobby’s Cove (near Point Leamington and Pleasnatview) just 20 minutes from the cemetery in Northern Arm.
    The net is cast wider every day!

    Cindy (Ball) Fleet

    1. Randy says:

      Cindy, i’m looking for information on Tamar’s hisband William Ball. I believe he was born in 1856, Exploits. My wife is related to their daughter Mary Jane Ball 1878-1951. All i have on William is his birth year and that he married Tamar on Mar 8, 1878. Anything else you can supply will be great. Thanks


      1. shawn says:

        William Ball

        Birth: circa April 1857

        Death: 1921 (64)
        Immediate Family:

        Son of John Ball and Mary Ball
        Husband of Tamar Ball
        Father of Mary Jane Byrne; Frederick Charles Ball; Josiah Ball; Jesse Ball; Robert John Ball; Andrew Forward Ball; William Ball; Archibald James Ball; Violet Ball; Frances Rhoda Sharron and Joy Ball Brother of Levi Ball; John Ball; Daniel Ball; Susannah Oake and Alice Sceviour

    2. shawn reid says:


      William Ball and Tamar were my great-grandparents. i get to Nl every year and have a cousin in Point Leamington, you can email me at: shawn.reid38@gmail.com: i wold love to compare family notes


  4. Hi Cynthia:

    Would you happen to have any photos of Josiah and Mabel, and William Ball and Tamar Dart that you would like to share?

    I am trying to do up a family history for a young girl who found her BALL family……….. grandaughter of Josiah BALL and Naomi MABEL GREY ……….

    This I believe would make her a cousin to you…….. your grandfather and her grandfather…….brothers…….

    Thanks for any help,

  5. Jill Marshall says:

    Hi all
    I am a family history researcher of many NDB families. Just thought I would post the marriage here of Josiah Ball & Naomi Mabel Gray. They were married June 4 1924 per the Botwood United Church records by Ira S. Curtis, she of Shoe Cove, he of Northern Arm north. The witnesses were Kenneth John Langdon & Myrtle Gray. I cannot find Josiah in any 1921 or 1935 NL Censuses, but the family does show up in the recently posted 1945 Botwood Census. Just curious as to where they were in 1935. Naomi Mabel was born Dec 5 1901
    Shoe Cove, the daughter of James William Gray & Mary A Curry; her paternal gp were Jesse Gray & Maria Andrews. Maria Andrews was the daughter of William Andrews & Ada Mitchell of Nippers Hr.
    Mary A. Curry was the dau of William H & Mary Curry (sorry don’t know the maiden name of the latter Mary). Naomi Mabel died 1994, and Josiah died 1967, buried Botwood.

    1. weemountain58 says:

      Josiah and Mabel Ball and family are shown in the 1935 Census of Peter’s Arm Part 2…..

    2. shawn says:

      He was also named Joseph see my earlier post for the family

    3. liz says:

      I believe we are related, my mother name is Cora ball (rideout)

  6. Don Ball says:

    Does anyone have photos of any Ball’s from the mid to late 1800’s? My great grandfather was William Ball born at Exploits 1856, son of William (and Sarah???) Ball. He doesn’t seem to be the same William that married Tamar Dart. Cousins perhaps?



  7. Charles Dart says:

    Is Tamar the daughter of Robert Dart Sr. or Jr? I have a family tree of most of the Darts and relatives. email me at cdart32@hotmail.com if you would like to view it. ~ Charles

  8. Shawn Reid says:

    Hi there

    My great-grandparents were William Ball and Tamar Dart. Any information anyone has on either the Dart or Ball family would be appreciated. shawn.reid38@gmail.com


    Shawn reid

  9. weemountain58 says:

    Any relatives through Wm. Ball and Tamar Dart………… this young lady would love to hear from you. b.seymour@shaw.ca Her bio grandparents are Josiah Ball and Naomi Mabel Gray…………

    Thank you.

    1. liz says:

      I am not sure , but the names , Joseph ball ,and naomi gray are my grandparents from bootwood NFL

  10. Cynthia (Cindy) Fleet says:

    A photo of Tamar (Dart) Ball can be found in the book written about the Evans family of Northern Arm.

  11. liz says:

    I am trying to do my family tree, my grandmother was mable naomi gray and my grandfather was Joseph ball from bootwood any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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