This morning I am engaged, in part, in spring cleaning.

One of the things that has been on my list for some time and to which I almost got yesterday was the putting away of winter clothes. I was just about to start packing away the snow suits, boots and heavy coats when I chanced a glance at the forecast. Snow. 2cm.

I hastily withdrew my intentions from the task of winter attire-packing. The snow never materialised.

Today it is cold, but sunny. There is no snow on the horizon according to environment Canada. In fact, our forecast here in Newfoundland (St. John’s area) reads like this:

5 Day Forecast from Environment Canada

St. John’s, Newfoundland



  • High 8°C
  • Sunny

Tuesday night

Chance of showers

  • Low 3°C
  • POP 60%

Chance of showers


Chance of showers

  • High 5°C
  • POP 70%

Chance of showers



  • High 7°C
  • Low 0°C



Chance of showers

  • High 11°C
  • Low 5°C
  • POP 60%

Chance of showers


Chance of showers

  • High 18°C
  • Low 7°C
  • POP 40%

Chance of showers

Which means nothing to folks anywhere warm, I know, but when you’ve just had your system paralysed by the mention of snow the day before, it looks pretty darned good. Wet and chilly, but not solid.

So anyway, today I am going to pack up the winter wear. If it the forecast mysteriously goes into spasms and it snows here tomorrow, I give you full leave to blame me.

I, personally, will pass all criticisms along to Environment Canada. Not that it will help, but maybe next year we’ll get the Deluxe Spring Package instead of this cheap model.


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  1. David says:

    Have you tried the Weather network site? Their forecast seems so much brighter!

    Or maybe it’s just that their clouds all look to have a silver lining.


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