It’s been a busy few months…..

Since May, I’ve had relatively little time to post. I suppose I could have made more time, but family, being outside, work and the mundane vagaries of everyday living always seemed to get in the way. The main factor has been adding a forty-hour per week job to my already full life.

In May I decided that I was finding increasingly less joy in creating and also worn down by the erratic nature of the pay of self-employment. I decided that a change was in order, at least temporarily, to remedy both my need for a break and my desire to have a steady pay cheque while taking that break. I have been working full-time as a customer service rep for a telecom service provider, working in both the wireless/cellular and consolidating billing sectors. That’s pretty much all I’m going to say about work here, really, as it’s a dangerous proposition to make any comments about your job online when you work for a large company. It’s a decent job, the money is good and it serves my purposes at present. I’ve been able to resume making things on a limited scale to maintain stock in various shops and find that I once again like my art work, which is a huge step forward.

So that’s why I’ve been not writing much; I’ve been working and taking a break from my art work to rejuvenate both my creative energies and my bank account. Both are becoming increasingly healthy and our family life is now settling in to the pattern of my night shifts again after some recent weeks of up-training.

Otherwise, John and I have been doing things around the house, dejunking the basement of years of accumulated crap and spending time with each other and Katherine. It’s been a busy, but good, summer. John has a new job in Churchill Square with John F. Dawson Law Office, which he loves and just the lack of a commute across the north-east Avalon from Torbay is making the world of difference in our lives (he was driving to CBS before).

Katherine is growing beyond measure. Her recent fascination is with the body and how all the parts work. She will regale any who stop with vivid descriptions of how the nervous system works, what happens to your food from top to bottom and how your eyes are connected to your brain. Makes for great conversations at restaurants.

More as I think on it…..


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  1. Craig Welsh says:

    Nice to see you back, Vicki. Been missing your voice online…

  2. arlee says:

    HEY! Wondered how you were doing. Glad everything is good, smooth nad creative again!

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