Current projects….

Lately we’ve been spending a good bit of time working on projects around the house. We repainted and reworked the living room:

Then we redid Katherine’s room:

After that there were some minor changes, such as a new faucet for the kitchen, refinishing the kitchen table and setting up the grow-lights for plants in the basement.

This past weekend we started in on our bedroom floor. When we moved in, the floor was covered in white berber carpet. The room also contains a door that opens onto the back yard. There was no deck, nor was there grass. The backyard, at the time in which we moved in, was a mud pit. The carpet, therefore, did not remain white for very long.

We’d been meaning to replace the carpet with laminate for some time, but 187.5 square feet was a lot of flooring to purchase on limited budgets. Then I switched jobs. I no longer work at a call centre (thank merciful heavens!), but am much more happily employed in the greenhouse and garden centre at a local hardware store. This places me in a fabulous position to spot excellent deals, such as clearance/marked down laminate. We got all the materials, install kit and underlay included, to do 225 square feet for 159$, taxes in.

So the room looked like this last night:
halfway there!

We should be able to finish it off by tonight. Yay!


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  1. sarai. says:

    Wow, that looks great! Must have been a trick to find time and space to do it all.

    I am snickering about grow lights for basement plants.

    The new job does sound like a happier fit for you though – congratulations.

  2. Gorgeous floor! That’s the only way to get home improvements done… spread them out to avoid spending every free minute with the house in slings, but DO them. It’s so much nicer afterwards. (Advice I really must take to heart!)

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