Back from the islands

We’ve just returned from a sojourn on Exploits Islands and it proved to be an interesting trip on many fronts.

To start with, though, a few black and white photos I took while there.

I found myself shooting in black and white quite a bit and it occurred to me afterwards that I’m grasping to retain the Exploits I remember; the resettled community. What is emerging now is a new, summer community with new houses and a new way of living.

There are relatively few of the old houses left, which is a crying shame, but perhaps is also an inevitable thing. Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the black and white shots. I’ll post some of the colour ones in my next post.

Home: Our house, as seen from the path.


A cottage on the other island at the intersection where the road to the lighthouse begins.

Back of hip-roofed cottage

A well-ventilated barn (there were actually cows nearby, but I suspect they have other accommodations)

Well-ventilated barn

A large saltbox


The back of the same saltbox

Back of saltbox

Tilting: A house makes its way seawards on Exploits Islands, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland.


Silent as the… : The first cemetery you come to when taking the inland road on the eastern island. A warning: the second cemetery, further inland, has a one-beam bridge over which you must pass to access the site. The near side has a hornets’ nest under it as of August 2008! It is not visible until you walk on the beam and then out they come!

Silent as the...
Exploits Islands, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland.

One of the cemeteries…

One of the cemetaries...

From our front deck: Ball Point and Squid Cove, Exploits Islands, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland.

Ball Point

That wharf, she be leaving

That wharf, she be leaving

Sunset through aspen


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Meta Maclean says:

    Such beauty.
    Meta Maclean

  2. Andrea says:

    My great great great great grandfather John Peyton and great great great grandfather John Peyton Jr. are buried on Exploits Island (Burnt Island). I wish I could make a trip out there and look for his grave. Did you mark down any of the names on the grave stones?

    1. VickyTH says:

      Hey Andrea,
      I didn’t transcribe any of the stones, but I’m pretty sure other folks have and that the transcriptions are available online somewhere. If not, I could try to decipher some for you when next I’m down there in the summer. A lot of the stones in that particular cemetery are relatively worn down, being fairly exposed to the elements (the other four cemeteries are sheltered and and in the woods). Are you looking for anyone other than the Peytons?

  3. hannifrieda says:

    wow this place looks amazing

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