Over the past couple of years I’ve been growing orchids again. Anyone who has engaged in the cultivation of these wee beasties knows that the conditions required for growth can be almost as assorted as the plants themselves. Growing (or rather, keeping them alive and in leaf) them is actually fairly easy. Getting them to bloom can be slightly trickier.

Over the past few months I’ve been able to see the results of my labours. Currently blooming are the first two below. The other two have just finished up. I particularly love the Zygopetalum – the scent of it wafts through the house throughout the day.

Blossoms Zygo in bloom Closer view
Zygopetalum Adelaide Charmer X Adelaide Meadows

Open to the day Catching the evening sun
Phragmipedium Eric Young
Phragmipedium (besseae x longifolium)

Shelob, larger than life First bloom spike!
Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’ AM/AOS

Snowflake in summer Dendrobium Mini Snowflake
Dendrobium Mini Snowflake (aberrans x johnsoniae)

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    You’re awfully quiet……hope all is well!

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