Turned off the ringer. I’m not home.

rainbow distortionI spent the whole morning in a gnarly (and not in the upbeat, California surfer sense) meeting at the Craft Council this morning and came home and seriously thought about crawling into bed with good chocolate, strong liquor, Advil and a friendly book. Most meetings are good ones, but this one was three hours long, highly sensitive and by the end of it my nerves were frayed and raw and my good humour severely bruised.

I was too agitated to work, initially, and so spent an hour detoxifying by planning the next stages of work and doing mundane tasks like sorting, inventory and mixing dyes.

Note: I was relieved to hear it wasn’t just me. I was about half-way through this post when Tim (who was also in the meeting) launched his voice into the ethernet.

So the phone ringer is now off and will be for the rest of the evening week. I have another meeting tomorrow (heavens help me) after which I am coming home and staying in the studio. Period. If you come a-knockin’, you might not get past the front porch.


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