Walk in the White Hills

The days are short

Yesterday the sun came out on a lovely snowy day; the White Hills were finally white and, with a dusting of snow and a glistening of silver thaw, more than a little magical.John, Katherine, Rowan and I took a short wander along the road, met a dozen other dogs and enjoyed the day’s dying light.

Katherine brought her little kite. Rowan brought her stick.
On the way home (with kite)

With snow “ball.”

Let’s go!
Rowan runs

Wait up!! I’m coming!!!!

Sticks are very important.
Negotiations about sticks

Rowan, waiting.

John, Katherine and Rowan
Stopped for a minute


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  1. Val Armitage says:

    Living on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK, I really love seeing photos of Newfoundland. We have no snow at the moment but we have had plenty this Winter!

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