Catching up on paperwork

While I take a bit of time to catch up on report writing, report reading, text revisions, prep for tax time and a myriad of other mundane details, I leave you with some eye candy and a splash of colour for this wintry day. Once I get through the paperwork, I’ll be hitting the spinning wheel for a while and will see what I can churn out over the next few days.

These are some of yesterday’s work. I also dyed some yarns, but need to reskein them before photographing.

The hard part now is deciding what, of all the prototypes, to keep for samples, what to spin up and what to put up for sale! Due to meticulous record-keeping, all results are more or less replicable, which is great and eases the decision somewhat, but it’s still tough to choose.

80%Merino wool/20% silk:DSC04347a


100% 22 micron Merino wool:DSC04342b


100% Falkland wool:DSC04344a

20 micron 100% Merino wool:DSC04353a

80% Merino wool/20% silk:DSC04359a




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