Dragon Fibres

Dragon Fibres - dyed by Katherine
Dragon Fibres - dyed by Katherine

Katherine and I spent a day of bouncing off each other and driving each other nuts yesterday and in doing so learned two very important things. Firstly, we learned that I cannot provide the same level of stimulation as an entire classroom full of kids under the guidance of a good teacher. Secondly, we affirmed that, after a day together, we need a day apart.

Parts of it were really good. We did origami, played Meccano and even dyed a batch of fibres. Katherine picked out the colours from my swatch charts to reflect “topical dragon colours” and I helped her to mix them. Then she applied them and we heat-set the batch in the oven. They’re dry now and are quite spectacular. I think I may reuse this colourway.

Can’t sell this batch, though, or she’d have my nut!


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