Chugging along

Bright colours to start the day!
Moving the hands to warm up the brain
The "before" studio shot. It's actually pretty tidy at this point. Full, but tidy.

Today is a mundane Monday, which is not a bad thing at all. It simply means that I more or less chug along merrily, working away at various projects, without chaos, interruptions or the recent, dreaded Snow Days. I’m currently planning a series of textile pieces for various shows and events as well as finishing up a spinning project that may or may not prove to be related to a gallery piece. It’s not the one in the photos, by the way. That’s just yarn I spun to get my hands moving this morning. Sometimes having a perfunctory job to start with can really get the creative brain working properly.

The textile works are flowing nicely. Thus far, they’re just in the formative stages, in which I agonize mull over composition, content, perspective and even colour, draw an insane number of sketches of highly varying quality, toss through materials in search of inspiration and more or less turn my studio into some madly frenzied maelstrom of creativity.

Truthfully, I rather enjoy this process. Highly energetic creativity, when it’s going well, feels like when you’re running and it’s effortless. Everything clickity-clicks into place and the project more or less takes on a life of its own. It can feel like you don’t know where you start and this creative force begins and your intuitive senses work hand-in-hand with the control you have over your media, resulting in something that supersedes the sum of its parts. I’ll have more on the specifics later, but for now, let’s just say it’s going really well.

The running is less so, but I’m chalking that up to the combination of slackness on my part (okay, lethargy and a complete lack of willpower, I’ll be honest) and the crap that is winter. At least the roads are clearer now and the shoulders are there to dodge onto again. Another few weeks of consistency and I’m sure it’ll be pleasant again. For now I’ll just doggedly plod along, build up mileage again and kick myself out the door with greater force and regularity.

It’ll come.


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