Catching up


I’m a little behind in these blog posts, for which I humbly apologize. It seems that when I’m really and truly busy, I have little time for sitting at the computer. When I’m really and truly creating and churning ideas about, I’m more inclined towards pen and paper for working out kinks, sketching ideas and making lists.

Saturday I attended a workshop for the “Boxed In” show that’s coming up. (Actually, the call for entry is coming up. There’s another full year to get the actual piece done.) Here’s a link to the entry form and a bit more info (pdfs).

The workshop was designed to clarify the idea or and realities associated with working to a theme, as well as to inspire us with the possibilities of this particular theme. It was mostly interesting to hear ideas bandied about and to listen to other artists talk about how they find themes both quite restrictive and incredibly open-ended at the same time. The real benefit to me was listening to folks talk about the potential in the creative and dialectical process between curator and artist.

I’ve also been dyeing up a storm and have quite a heap of new product to photograph and sort into “this sells” and “this stays” piles. More on that tomorrow after the soggy strands dry and are handleable.  On a tangential note, I have concluded that I do not like spinning fibres containing bamboo. I can only surmise that there are a lot of people out there who enjoy spinning what feels like rope or who are deathly allergic to animal fibres or who are of amazing moral character and have ethical standards that preclude using animal fibres for clothing. Otherwise, I can come up with no reasonable explanation for wanting to have that stuff run through your fingers. Ugh.

Today I’ve been working on making a book using the Live & Learn: Real Life Journals by Gwen Diehn. I was sent this copy for review and figured that the best way to actually review a book on how to make things was, in fact, to make something using it. So I’m making a couple of projects under the guidance of the techniques and processes in this book and formulating my review as I go. I’m quite impressed, thus far and am finding that the real trick is knowing how to limit myself to just one or two book projects (and which ones!).

So with apologies for the lack of photos, I now head back to the literal drawing board.


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