An early birthday present

Book, paints and new brushes
My paint set and the tin one my grandmother used, along with the new brushes that John gave me for my birthday.

My darling husband hit the nail on the head this year on the birthday present front. He (with the help of Tara Bryan) tracked down some good watercolour brushes from what used to be M. Francis Kelly*and presented them to me yesterday, over a week before my actual birthday. Today I get a chance to play around with them a little bit and let them get to know me.

The Kolinsky sable ones (black handles) are delightful and magnificent.

For a craftsperson or artist, getting new materials or tools is better than Christmas, really. New brushes aren’t like white paper. There is no intimidation factor. White paper stares at you defiantly and boldly states, “What you are about to create had better be worthy of destroying my perfection.”

The numbers game
The numbers and sizes

Brushes are friendlier than that. With a brush or a tool, there’s more the sense of teamwork and of having to get to know each other’s strengths and foibles en route to a successful working arrangement. There is no destruction, as a good brush, well-cared for, actually benefits from use.

My old paint set
The watercolour set my aunt Helen bought me for my 12th birthday, which was (gulp) almost 24 years ago. The paints have since been replaced many a-time.

*MF Kelly (site being updated) were bought out by Cansel (a survey company) who will be maintaining and are in the process of moving their art supply store to Kenmount Road from Golf Ave.


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