Moon rising

Wishing all those who celebrate it a very Happy Easter and all those who do not a very Joyous Spring.

I took this photo about five years ago and it remains one of my better shots.

Moon rising, originally uploaded by VickyTH.

Via Flickr:

No special effects or digital manipulation here, just a tripod and timed exposure.

Taken at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Flatrock, Newfoundland, Canada. The grotto is located behind the Catholic Church in Flatrock and was the site of a visit by John Paul II. There’s a stone imbedded commemorating the spot where he knelt to pray and there’s a monument on the lookout where he stood to bless the hundred of fishing vessels that crammed into the Flatrock Harbour.

This cross stands at the top of the grotto and is integrated into the Stations of the Cross. The whole thing is very powerful; a physical manifestation of the faith of a community. Regardless of your religious inclinations, you can’t help but feel the pulse of spirituality beating here.


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