Smaller sheep

This past week has been somewhat chaotic, as kids are on Easter break and my regular schedule and clarity of mind have been, well, completely and utterly absent. Normal life (including predictable working hours, regular meals and a consistent workout schedule) returns tomorrow, thankfully!

On an unrelated note, I picked up these little clay sheep at our local Craft Council “Seconds Sale” (it was much like this, only in 2011, not 2007). They were made by Maaike Charron and I am quite enchanted by them. They have real character, I think. (More on the sale itself and the MayDay Weekend later)

We're ignoring you
Sheep Parliament
Sheep Parliament
A plan
Okay, Herbert, you go left. Sheila, you fake them out to the right. The rest of us will run straight at 'em and scare the bejeezus out of them."
'What did she say? Why are we going this way? What's "flock mentality"?'

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