The Calm


A myriad of things have occurred over the past week or so, but I’ve had precious little time in which to reflect upon them. Here they are, in abbreviated form and no particular order:

1. I finished my Must Have Cardigan. Here are two photos (my personalized list of modifications is here):

Must-Have Cardi
Nice pewter buttons

2. Katherine passed her swimming lessons from Bronze to Silver, which actually alarms me a little since she’s only eight, is fairly small and most of the kids in those levels are 10-12.

3. The Craft Council Seconds Sale was a great bit of fun, with lots of great people and cool stuff:

1. Seconds Products, 2. Blue, 3. Pottery Seconds, 4. Wool bin - fill your bag!, 5. Sorting, 6. Customers, 7. Pearl, 8. Erin, 9. Maaike, 10. Anna Templeton, dressed for MayDay, 11. Snowballs in Newfoundland Colours, 12. Newfoundland Balls, 13. Eh?

4. John and I got an afternoon and an evening together to go geocaching (Katherine went for a sleep-over – thanks Mom & Dad!) and I surpassed 700 caches. It gets a lot harder to rack up the numbers once you get past about 500.

5. John’s parents came back from Florida and brought snow with them. evil smiley

6. John’s feet have healed up remarkably thanks to steroids and he can now walk, run and hike again. He can also take out the garbage!

7. I have been spinning some gorgeous dark blue lace-weight silk/Merino that I dyed.

8. I still have two Shetland sheep-worth of fleece to card and spin. It’s beautiful stuff and I’m thinking of spinning it in natural colours and blends, just to see what subtle variegations can be achieved without dyes.

9. My running schedule for the past week went to total hooey. My strength-training went with it. This week should get us all back on track. I hope.

10. My sister is pregnant and due in October. She and her husband live in Vancouver, B.C., but they’re coming back for Christmas. Yay!

And then there’s stuff on the “things have haven’t happened” list, like the fact that I haven’t started seedlings for the garden or done nearly enough work in it or the fact that I have a whack of dyeing left ahead of me to do and meetings all over the place for the week that will make getting work done a real challenge.

I frankly feel a little unprepared for life resuming its normal course post-holidays, but have decided that this morning I am taking time to clear my head, breathe deeply and plan out the week without kids, dogs and phones tugging me in all directions. <turns ringers off>

But I got groceries and made a meal plan. That counts for something, right?


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  1. mary hood says:

    You’re allowed that first day of bliss and the only justification you need is that you’ve earned it.

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