If we had some ham….

Torbay Bight

Caroline (our car, so-named by Katherine during her Thomas the Tank Engine phase) is in the shop today getting her spring servicing. She’s a great little car, very obliging, and I don’t in the least begrudge her a day at the auto-spa. Of course, as always happens at such times, I realized that I needed a few groceries for supper. Owing to Scheduling Fun and Games, the car (and her driver) would not be back until the same time as the company that’s coming for supper is scheduled to arrive, at around 7:30-ish, when everyone is good and hungry.

My supper plan was to make lemon chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots & sweet potatoes, and probably some peas or corn or some other vegetable that currently lives in a bag in the freezer. Lemon chicken sounded lovely. Until I realized that I didn’t have any lemon. Or chicken. My father-in-law has a saying that I’m sure came from his father (it sounds like a Taylorism), “If we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.”

Devoid of either figurative ham or metaphorical eggs, I strapped on the backpack and headed to the store. Luckily, we live almost on the East Coast Trail.

A walk to the store
North Side of Torbay
A walk to the store
Tapper's Cove
A walk to the store
A walk to the store
The walk up from Tapper's Cove was a bit stiff. This is taken from half-way down the hill.
A walk to the store
The path home
A walk to the store
The walking man
A walk to the store
Torbay Beach: You can see the path up the hill leading home

A gorgeous day for a wander!


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