Shimmers and reflections

Shimmers and reflections, originally uploaded by VickyTH.

No “craft of the day” today, folks. It’s Discovery Day, which is a provincial holiday here in Newfoundland (which means that some folks get it and others don’t). John has the day off, so we’re relaxing, having a family day and hanging out.

The capelin are rolling at Middle Cove beach, so after stuffing some pancakes into the family, I slapped a cup of coffee into John and dragged him down to watch. One of my fond childhood memories involves catching capelin with my hands, so I thought that Katherine should also stand knee-deep in the Atlantic ocean in June and stick her hands into seething schools of slithery fish, trying to grasp at least one.

We had a blast!

Old and young
Old and young
They're rollin' in
They're rollin' in

Apparently this was another one of those things that John did not do as a child and therefore is one of the ways I have “enriched his life”, which I think means it’s one of the weird things I make him do so as to reaffirm that he’s normal and I’m spinning left of centre. Either way, he somehow found himself on the doorstep of the lady across the street at 9:30am on a holiday Monday, offering her a bucket of live fish.

I’m one of those things that will either kill him or make him stronger.


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