Early strawberries, inaptly named
Early strawberries, inaptly named

Everything in the garden is doing as well as can honestly be expected. This has been the coldest and wettest June here in the St. John’s region since 1982 (and if anyone remembers the joy that was the summer of 1992, that’s saying something). We will not hit 20 degrees Celsius during this month of June. My tomatoes are nestled in the greenhouse, thinking evil thoughts about the twisted hand of fate that landed their seeds here rather than in central Canada (or even Nova Scotia. They tell me they’d have been happy with Nova Scotia.)

Things are planted. Beds are ready for the tenderest of annuals. Compost has been added, soil distributed, seeds planted, mulch strewn and everything staked in eager anticipation of growth. Now all we need is a little sun and some warmth.


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