Froggy summer fun

There are three frogs in this photo
Three frogs

One of the things we do quite a bit of in the summer is geocaching. We’ve found hundreds of caches of all sorts, all over the place and have hidden dozens ourselves. It’s a great excuse for a walk and a marvellous way to find places that you hadn’t even dreamed existed. It’s also a fabulous way to simply get out and take careful notice of the world around you.

These frogs were in a pond that we passed on our way to a cache and were singing so loudly that we could hear them from the car. We pulled over and wandered along the pond’s edge and discovered dozens of green fly-gobblers, serenading the summer’s evening at the tops of their little lungs. When we get back from vacation, Katherine and I are going to come back and nab a couple of tadpoles (we have a good set-up in which to keep them alive) and watch them grow.

Completely unafraid. We could have reached out and touched him.



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