Exploits vacation 2011, part 1

This year was a mixed bag on Exploits Islands (Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland). During our first week down, it was cold, the wood stove was not installed in the main house, Mom got horribly, awfully sick and it rained. And rained. And was cold. And wet. Still, we managed to have a good deal of fun, which says something for how nice it is down there!

In between the drops, we saw a fox, a baby rabbit, and fed the whiskey-jacks:

Young grey jay
Young jay
grey jay
Bold adult jay

There were a couple of days of sun, so kids and dogs swam, kids rowed and there were bonfires.

Dad & Luke
Dad & Luke
Sunlight on water
Sunlight on water

Exploits is beautiful even in the rain, though. The lily-of-the-valley was in full bloom in the first cemetery inland on our island. It’s in the corner where the Winsor graves are….

Lily-of-the-Valley on the Winsor graves
Lily-of-the-Valley on the Winsor graves

And the foggy, misty days made for quiet walks along the paths. We were sure glad to see the sun when it popped out, though!

Frank Howard's house
Frank Howard's house
Root Cellar
Root Cellar in Lower Harbour, by Jane Green's House
Behind the Woodshed
Behind our Woodshed
Large Day
Large Day in Squid Cove

After week one, Mom, Dad and Luke (the labrador retriever) headed back and Katherine, Jean and I stayed on (with Rowan, the border collie). Jean’s parents and sister, Bob, Heather & Eleanor, joined us for two further weeks, along with my husband John and Moss (other border collie). More on those in further posts.


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