Vancouver-ho! and Flutterby Progress

Ready for assembly

I did a lot of getting all the titchy, tiny, little pieces ready yesterday and so actually only assembled one butterfly. But the rest are now ready to go and it should be a fairly streamlined process.

Peapod baby sweater (6 mos)

I also finished up a wee sweater (in this pattern). While I love the result, I have to say that I would not recommend this pattern to someone who had not made baby sweaters (or done a fair amount of knitting) before. You have to do quite a bit of simultaneous thinking and reading between lines while you work, which is not a problem if you more or less already knew how it would go together but could be really frustrating if you were relying on the pattern as a set of rules. It’s more guidelines, to quote Captain Barbossa. But the results are great and for a knowledgeable knitter, it’s not an inconvenience.

And I’m going to Vancouver in November! I still have to finalize the dates and booking, but I’ll be there for around ten days to two weeks while my sister and her husband bring their first child into the world. I’ve never been to B.C. (well, I made it into the mountains, but never to the coast), so this will be quite the experience. If only I could teleport instead of flying……


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  1. Natasha says:

    Yaaayyyy Vancouver! So glad you get to go. (Psst – re: booking: I like Westjet. They are friendlier than AC and have never cancelled a flight on me, and last time I flew, their baggage policies were better.)

  2. And tell us when your flights are so we can be outside waving as you fly overhead!

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