The leaves are just turning…

Flat Katherine and I arrived in Vancouver yesterday and were utterly exhausted. This is one mighty big country and travelling from one side to the other is a full day of travel.

Once we got her, we met my sister Tamar (who is due to have that baby today and can go right on ahead and have it, now that I’ve arrived). Tamar and I took flat Katherine to Central Park in Burnaby, where we saw amazing cedar trees:

Flat Katherine with Tamar near some cedars

And were chased by some squirrels:

Black squiirels are bullies.

And then we went out for sushi. Flat Katherine quite liked raw fish!

There was more, but it was already gone by the time I remembered to take the photos

I’m not sure exactly what the next few days hold, as so much is dependant on weather and babie, but Flat Katherine is really looking forward to the Vancouver Aquarium (as am I!).


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