Flat Katherine visits the MEC, Deer Lake Park and finds an amazing craft centre!

Today Tamar (my sister) and I tested out my new GPS (Oregon 450) and found a few geocaches. We explored Central Park in Burnaby again and the new unit worked wonderfully. It took a little getting used to, but the features are easy-to-use and proving very, very handy. We took a few photos, too:


There is a squirrel in the above picture, but you might not see it for the trees. The one below is more obvious!


Then we went to the MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), where Flat Katherine played on the climbing wall and had far too much fun!


Our next adventure took is to Deer Lake Park, where Tamar and I found a few more caches and Flat Katherine found a maple leaf bigger than she is:


Deer Lake was quite pretty:


And, to my delight, Deer Park is the location of the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, which is a gorgeous arts and artisanal centre:


Clay totem-like sculptures on the grounds of the Centre (they’re not actually curved, my lens did that in the panorama):



Wonky tree in the nearby gardens:DSC07873a

Flat Katherine played on the sculptures (but I managed to shoo her off for the first photo):



And, to my extreme pleasure, I discovered that their craft fair is next week!


Their clay studio was also quite lovely and appealing. There was a kids’ class on the go when I walked by:



The clay studio is housed in this heritage building next to the Centre:


And the Burnaby Art Gallery is right next-door. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to pop in, but I will when I swing back for the craft sale!



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  1. Mary Hood says:

    You should send this post to Jennifer at the Craft Council or at least write a piece for the newsletter when you get back. Great stuff!!

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