Flat K is a little fishy

Flat Katherine and the monster rainbow trout

Flat Katherine and I went to the supermarket to get some groceries today and swung by the meat section. In Newfoundland, it’s pretty common to see live lobsters in tanks at supermarkets. Rarely do we see rainbow trout, however. In Vancouver, the abundance of folks eating raw fish gives way to large tanks of live, wriggling fishies! I presume that you can have them dispatched before you leave the store. Or maybe you bring a bucket?

Next was a trip to Lee Valley which was highly successful and the results of which are top-secret.

After that, I headed to Burnaby Lake to wander the trails and nab a few geocaches. I spotted this heron along the way:

Heron at Burnaby Lake

Along the way I was hedged in by an astounding line of aspens. It felt like there should be an ancient British manor house or castle nearby:


Tomorrow I’m heading back to Burnaby Lake for some more walking and hopefully some neat photos!


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