Flat Katherine visits the Vancouver Aquarium (lots of photos & videos)

Well, actually, she swung by the hospital to visit her little cousin first:

Then we toodled on over to the Vancouver Aquarium. The person we were to have met up with wasn’t around (unfortunately she had an unexpected appointment) so we wandered through the exhibits and gawked at everything we saw.

reid statue

The birds in the Amazon section were wonderful. While I was photographing these macaws, an ibis tried to carry Flat Katherine away. I rescued her and the bird gave me a rather dirty look.


One of the macaque had recently had a baby. If you look very closely, you can just make out the young one clinging to its mother’s back:


There was am Amazon Caiman (sorta like an alligator). He did not eat Flat Katherine.


They had a really neat frog exhibit. I took pictures of some of the frogs but cannot for the life of me remember all the names. Most were poisonous (not venomous, though):

mimic frog


In the centre of the aquarium there’s a huge tank and at different times, they send a scuba diver in to help out with demonstrations:

There were all sorts of bizarre fish.

japanese jellyfish


And then we went on to the part Flat Katherine was most interested in, the whales and dolphins. Actually, we *tried* to go to that stuff, but got distracted by sealions:

Just before the shows started, I wandered down to the underwater viewing area. I got rather luck, as a rescue porpoise named daisy was curious about Flat Katherine and came over to pose for me!





Then is was back upstairs to see these beluga perform:


This is Tessa:


She was the oral presenter during the beluga and dolphin shows that I saw. She was happy to have her picture taken with Flat Katherine!

Here are some videos of the beluga performance (Flat Katherine assured me that 3-D Katherine would want as many videos as possible!):

The Pacific White-Sided dolphins put on quite an amazing show, too! The first couple of videos are from a warm-up session that I watched. The videos from the actual show are much more impressive!

And finally I spotted Daisy working with her handler:

Just to round out the day, I drove across to West Vancouver and visited Lighthouse Park. It was spectacular! The trees there are tremendously old (as the area is unlogged) and they completely defy photography. I did catch a nice sunset, though….



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