A new friend

It’s funny how attached you can get to certain objects. I think we’re particularly vulnerable to forming bonds with cameras and other artistic tools, since they help us to formulate that bridges between how we see the world and how we recreate it.

My first camera was this Olympus. It was a gift and I used it constantly for many years and it took fabulous shots.

Olympus OM-1

Somewhere in that time period, Grandma gave me this twin lens reflex camera, a Lubitel 2. It also took magnificent pictures and was instrumental in really getting me to understand how cameras work.

My Lubitel
Lubitel 2

My use of both of these took a real hit during university years, though. We frankly didn’t have much money and getting film developed was one of those things that fell under the category of “sporadic luxury”. Sure, we took some photos, but not as many as we possibly would have liked, which is actually a bit of a shame, given how picturesque New Brunswick can be at times.

Since those cameras, a string of compact digitals have occupied the (much smaller) camera bag. The Sony Cybershot cameras served us well, first in the form of the DSC-S60 with a Carl Zeiss lens and most recently the DSC-HX5. For the purposes of family photos, some creative shots and a portable camera to take on field trips and adventures, they worked admirably. They were limited in what they could do, but thanks to them we have a fairly complete record of Katherine’s childhood, so I really cannot complain.

I have wanted a digital SLR for some time, though. The sensors of the compact cameras are not as powerful as those of DSLRs and the capabilities for manual photography just aren’t as well-integrated in the compact cameras. I like being able to monkey with aperture and shutter speed. I enjoy making the picture and not just taking it. I also like having a result that is of sufficient quality that something can be done with it after.

So when an opportunity came up recently to purchase a gently-used Nikon D70 from my uncle, who recently upgraded, I leapt at the chance like a cooped-up border collie at a tennis ball in a field. I have wanted a D70 for years. When they first came out, I researched them and thought, “Now, there’s the camera for me.” Love at first sight, maybe? Who knows. My judgement appears to have been sound, however, as I am finding that my vision and my ability to control this this camera’s behaviour to match are completely in synch.

Here’s my newest friend:

Nikon D70

We’re still getting to know each other, but so far it’s going very well.

ETA: Is there some irony in the fact that these pictures of the SLR, TSLR and DSLR were all take with compact digitals?


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