Yes, it’s fair to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this camera. Being able to shoot manually again with a full array of shutter speeds and apertures is like a dream come true!


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  1. gwcollins says:

    I agree Vicky the middle range digital cameras are amazing and empowering. I had a lot of reasonable 35m analog SLR cameras and now I don’t really want to go bigger (most of the digital SLR’s are so big) but I want all the manual options even if it just make believe (fake thru the lens viewing) so the middle range keeps the size to a good handful and the new extreme range fixed lens’s are amazing. You have all the options in a nice package. I have been using a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS lately.

  2. gwcollins says:

    well I was right about a few things..haha.

  3. VickyTH says:

    Yes, you sure were!. The size of the DSLR is honestly what stopped me for so long (well, along with the price, let’s be *completely* honest). I got to the point, though, where the smaller sensor size in the more compact cameras was actually holding me back. There comes a point at which more megapixels won’t make any difference at all to image quality if the sensor is so small that they’re all crammed in there so tightly that visual noise is created (particularly in low-light situations). Also I was not getting the depth or luminosity that I was looking for and so very suddenly found in the DSLR.

    I’ll still keep the compact one, though. There are times when a smaller size of camera is the more important factor (like on backpacking trips or secret missions for CSIS).

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