Lunch break

Lunch break

Some days are a whirlwind of activity.

Finished up with a Craft Council meeting this morning and headed straight for the gym, got there, changed, realised that I had
a) not eaten since breakfast,
b) forgotten my towel,
c) not had a chance to take a few pictures in the snow as I had planned
d) had no idea what route I was going to run given the snow on the ground and
e) forgot my both of my watches (one would have been plenty).

Ran anyway.

Had a lovely run along snowy trails and have absolutely no idea how fast I was going (probably not very, since snow=slow) nor really how far (and I don’t much care). In fact, I couldn’t even tell you how long I ran for. As such, it was an incredibly liberating and beautiful run, through ski trails and amongst snow-laden trees.

Reality hit when I got back and found that items a, b and c were still staring at me.

Totally worth it though.

And I managed to stop and shoot a picture of this girl, who was also on her lunch break, just down the hill from my house.

Now for that hot shower…..


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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    That shot is the result of serendipity!

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