Of turtles and sheep

You may (or may not) recall the sheep:

A plan
Six heads are better than one.

There are six. They have attitude.

We're ignoring you
We're ignoring you

They were made by Maaike Charron of Blue Dragon Clay. I found them at the local Craft Council Seconds Sale and brought them home to live with us.

They are also quite curious and charismatic sheep and they have wormed their way rather thoroughly into the collective consciousness of our household. On a daily basis, the sheep are rearranged or posed with a prop or moved or in some other way manipulated by one person (although I suspect the cat in some instances) such that the rest of us have a good chuckle and then retaliate.

Five of the sheep examine one of Erin McArthur's starfish. (The sixth one was taking this picture)

They are quite inquisitive….

Hello? Can you hear me in there? We're going to try to get you out. Stay calm. I'll push your glass cage off the shelf and you'll be free.....

And often boldly venture into realms not their own:

Rampaging sheep kills three. Woolly situation in the Christmas Village.

They are also not altogether bright:

Well this is a pickle....
Sheep keep a lot of tension bottled up.

I was a little worried when I saw their reaction to other pottery creatures, though. Here they confront an owl, made by Christina Rees. Luckily owls can fly.

Sheep gang wars. Never pretty.

Then Christmas came and with it arrived the turtles. Also made by Maaike Charron, six turtles crept into my presents and hid themselves throughout my gifts. I’d unwrap a pair of running shorts and inside them was…. a turtle. Opened a bowl from Kingspoint Pottery and found…. a turtle. And so it went. Six in total, which proved to be a good thing. The sheep would meet their match (or so I hoped).

Initially there was some tension.:

The turtles had size on their side. The sheep had..... brains (they claimed). Uh-oh.

After all, sheep and turtles seldom meet in Newfoundland, nor do sheep often encounter turtles that they can look straight in the eye.

Turtles & Sheep
The tension mounts

As of late, there seems to be a truce developing, though. I recently spotted what could possibly be described as collusion between forces:

Note the owl's position of relative safety.

I think we’ll be okay.


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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    Oh, I think there’s a children’s photo story book lurking in your menagerie…..
    You just gave me my morning giggle.

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