Give the girl a hand….

Have you ever had days where you though, “Oh, if only I had an extra hand?”

I have them all the time.

I just never expected that anyone would call my bluff, give me an extra hand and thereby completely negate one of my fall-back lines for not accomplishing as much on a given day as I would have hoped.

Meet my hand. Or rather, meet my newest hand.

This hand has already mastered The Wave.

It’s a right hand, size 7 1/2 and made by General Porcelain in Trenton, NJ. Its original purpose was to function as a mould in the making of rubber gloves. General Porcelain made a myriad of different moulds in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. It appears that some people collect these  vintage porcelain hands. I wonder if many hands do make light work?

While I have absolutely no interest in starting my own right-handed rubber glove making sweat-shop here in Newfoundland, nor of collecting the models, I do have a use for this one extra limb.

It models mittens very nicely.

It also perplexes cats.

I suspect it will also be a good extra  thing to hook yarn around. Need to get a good solid base on it first, though; something that can be clamped to a table.

(This hand was kindly donated by one of Mom’s bridge friends. I would have thought that they would have kept it and set the hand up at a card game when short a player….)


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