Like a cat in the sun…

Surveillance. The starlings in the backyard need careful monitoring.
Surveillance. The starlings in the backyard need careful monitoring. (Focal length 29mm, Shutter: 1/180, Aperture: f5.6)

… is how I’d love to spend today. Sitting and spinning and doing some sketches for pieces. Alas, it’s to be a morning of meetings followed by a myriad of errands. With any luck there will be a fleeting burst of sunlight after the meetings and I’ll have a chance to grab a few photos (but don’t hold your breath, the forecast doesn’t look good.)

Cats are trickier to photograph than you might think. They have no interest in obeying anything or anyone, so telling them to “stay” is a just plain silly. They are whimsical, ethereal creatures with minds utterly unlike those of humans; you can have everything lined up for a good shot and then… they’re gone. Just gone. Teleported to another room or something. I’ve found that the trick with pet photography is to have the settings organized on the camera before attempting the shot, use a quick enough shutter speed that it’s possible to freeze their motion (or the camera’s, if you’re wandering around after the animal), and then to shoot lots and lots of pictures. Something is bound to be in-focus and suitable.


Cat in the sun
Basking. (Focal length 27mm, Shutter: 1/350, Aperture: f4)



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