Sometimes you only get one

WWII gun battery at Flatrock, Newfoundland in the rising sun.

I took a lot of photos this morning. The light was nice, but variable, but the sky was sort of bland (no matter how I exposed it). The end results were overall not what I was hoping for, especially since I had damned near frozen my fingers to the bones waiting for the sun to peak out between the passing clouds.

Gun battery at Flatrock, looking out over Tor Bay.

Sometimes, after shoot an awful lot of photos, you really only get one that was worth anything.

(Of course, sometimes you get nothing at all, but we won’t talk about those times, will we?)

As usual, there were a few “okay” shots, but it can be a bit frustrating when you have a fabulous location, time to shoot pictures and the sky and light just won’t get themselves organized and work with it all.

I’ll just have to go back again, I suppose….

Looking out the beamer. The yellow lichen really glows in the sun.
The town of Flatrock
The town of Flatrock

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  1. eleanor patey says:

    it sorta looks like weathertop!

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