Snow day

Today was a snow day here in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We got about 25cm (that’s a little shy of a foot, for those among you who are of the Imperial Forces) in the span of around 12 hours, with high winds and treacherous driving conditions. Sane people stayed home, baked bread, made chili and did knitterly things. Rumour has it that some folks, upon discovering that they had the day off due to a snowstorm, drove to Malls and went shopping. I’m pretending I don’t know any of those people.

The wool I spun the other day is en route to becoming Something and I dug out another project that I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks. These silk hankies, purchased in Vancouver and dyed by me shortly after my return, are destined to become…. well, that’s the trick, isn’t it?

Silk hankies, dyed and ready for use
Silk hankies, dyed and ready for use

My initial intent was to stretch them and knit then straight off the hanky, not spinning at all, but maybe putting a little twist into them as I went and for them to be plain old ordinary mittens, made extraordinary by their silky, shimmering warmth.  But I know that, once made, I’d never be able to give them up and I already have more than sufficient mittens for my existing hands (even the spare hand) and those of my immediate household. Besides, silk is a funny fibre that doesn’t have the resilient spring of wool, which means that mittens might distort rather easily and never reshape properly to their better selves.

I don’t want to spin them and I’m really not sure why, other than that they are such gossamer things that spinning them almost seems to restrain them too much.

Silk hankies, dyed and ready for use
One layer of a silk hanky

That said, I have to do *something* with them and soon. The buggers hook on EVERYTHING, including little rough patches of skin you never knew you had, dog claws, cat ears, turtles & sheep (you have no idea), lens caps… (and the list continues).

Silk hankies, dyed and ready for use
Dyed with Procion acid dyes and heat set. They're all slightly different so as to give me a variety of hues and shade with which to work.

I suppose they could be a scarf. There’s probably enough for a good-sized scarf there. I could design a scarf for them.

Someone talk me out of this.


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  1. What about puffs of cloud or fog drifting over bay, dipping into valley forests. Sitting here, looking at my birches and imagining what you could do with filmy silk… ❤

  2. VYC says:

    They could be turtle/ sheep habitat. 🙂
    They need another adventure.

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